A major part of my workflow is collecting and reading through links that appear in my email and Twitter feed.  There are so many fascinating and useful things that I want to share!  Clearly, it’s time to start. Today, let’s talk about adult ADHD and how to manage it.

1.  Organizing the House for ADHD: One thing that nearly always shows up in discussions of ADHD and organization is the “launch pad.”  What is it?  The launch pad is a place that you designate to put the contents of your pockets, briefcase, forms that need to return to school, cell phone, keys…you know, the things that get lost around the house and delay your departure. There are some other interesting ideas in here, too – like painting your house blue for maximum relaxation.

2.  Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable in Order to Manage Adult ADHD:  Jennifer Koretsky is one of my favorite adult ADHD authors and coaches.  I love her direct, humorous style.  She talks about breaking the cycle of overwhelm and organizing your space to work better for you, and most importantly, that you will fail before you succeed.

3.  Want Students to Succeed?  Let Them Fail: Yes, you will definitely fail before you succeed.  It’s how we learn. Adults with ADHD often feel very familiar with failure, so it’s good to bear in mind that a certain amount of failure is a necessary component of learning and success.

4. How Threat Emotions Cause Us to Misread Our Partner: Obvious news flash:  when we’re angry or anxious, we assign negative emotional content to our partner’s words and actions that may not be there.  Here’s why (pesky brains!).

5. Inside the Mind of the Octopus: Because, OCTOPUS!  Seriously.  They flash colors and wave their tentacles in the air when people they like walk into the room.  How can you not love octopodes?

What links are you loving these days?  Let me know in comments!