Throughout the month of December, I’ll be writing a post a day for the fabulous project Reverb 12.  It’s an opportunity to reflect on the year that’s wrapping up and using the fruits of that reflection to shape the year ahead – in other words, exactly the kind of thing I love to think about!  So, without further ado, here’s today’s prompt.

Appreciate:  For what did you find a new appreciation this year?

OmniFocus!  I’ve been involved in a lot more things this year, so it’s been increasingly important for me to organize the things I need to do. In productivity, there’s the idea of a trusted system.  A trusted system is one in which you reliably write down all the things you need to do so that your brain won’t be overtaxed trying to keep track of them.  As is the case with so many things, having one is more important than having just the perfect one.  The system I chose is more or less irrelevant, but the fact that I’ve started writing down all of my plans in a consistent place makes for a quieter mind and much greater productivity.  Which, of course, leads to much greater satisfaction.

That and the electric teakettle.  I do love a good pot of tea on a cold day.