Throughout the month of December, I’ll be writing a post a day for the fabulous project Reverb 12.  It’s an opportunity to reflect on the year that’s wrapping up and using the fruits of that reflection to shape the year ahead – in other words, exactly the kind of thing I love to think about!  So, without further ado, here’s today’s prompt.

Art: What was the most moving piece of art that you saw/experienced this year?  This could mean a painting or a sculpture, or a performance you took in, or even a book that you read – tell us about the kind of art you encountered, and the way that it moved you.

The Boston ICA had a recent exhibit by Os Gemeos that I found absolutely delightful.  I loved the color, the patterns, the bizarre and wonderful pants, the similarity to Joseph Cornell in some pieces, the parallels to Jorge Borges’ writing in others…it was spectacular.  Like if you took a dream, hallucinogens, MC Escher, Victorian wallpaper, and a box of crayons and threw it into a blender.  I felt giddy, saturated, and fascinated.

Also – Catherine Opie is definitely my choice for 2011, not that anyone is asking.  I loved the juxtapositions of the pieces.

I have my quibbles with the ICA – I find their curation spotty, unless it’s Helen Molesworth, who in my view can do no curatorial wrong.  But, most of my favorite art experiences in the past couple years have taken place there.

What about you?  Is there a fantastic performance/piece that I missed?  Tell me about it!