Throughout the month of December, I’ll be writing a post a day for the fabulous project Reverb 12.  It’s an opportunity to reflect on the year that’s wrapping up and using the fruits of that reflection to shape the year ahead – in other words, exactly the kind of thing I love to think about!  So, without further ado, here’s today’s prompt.

Beautiful Things: What brought beauty into your life this year? Was it a tangible thing or something intangible? Tell us about it in detail.

There have been a lot of beautiful things this year. A yellow office with birds on it, a fireplace, backyard and front yard flowers, healthy pets, kids, spouse, unbelievably wonderful friends, books, art, music, humanity-in-general…beauty is one of the things that keeps me going from day to day.

I went to a gamelan performance recently, and there was a 6 1/2 year old singing right at the front of the ensemble.  She had a great rapport with the women on either side of her, and she was incredibly well-behaved and clearly enjoying the performance.  I went up to her afterward to express my appreciation and saw that she had been drawing pictures during the performance, much like when I took Simone to the symphony this past winter.  It was wonderful to see someone so young being embraced and nurtured in a space that’s usually not for kids, and even more so to see that it was clearly a day-to-day experience for her.  I think it’s going to be really hard to top that particular moment of beauty, but believe me, I’m going to be paying attention and trying.