Throughout the month of December, I’ll be writing a post a day for the fabulous project Reverb 12.  It’s an opportunity to reflect on the year that’s wrapping up and using the fruits of that reflection to shape the year ahead – in other words, exactly the kind of thing I love to think about!  So, without further ado, here’s today’s prompt.

Intention:  What were some of your mantras from 2012 and how did you come by them?  Will they remain the same for next year – if not, what new ones will you set?

“Hesitation kills!” Lo these many years ago, an old boyfriend told me a story which is mostly lost to the ravages of time, about a ski instructor who yelled “HESITATION KILLS!” at his student, as he barreled down the mountain.  It turns out to be true.  If you worry about where you’re going or the best way to undertake the journey, it’s hard to get there.  I find that to be true both in the metaphorical sense as well as in the physical sense – have you ever ridden a bike and fixated on the pothole in front of your wheel? I have.  I fell off the bike and turned my knees into ground beef.

That one will still be working for me.  I have a tendency to over-analyze and miss out on the most important part of change:  ACTION.  I’ll still be clearly delineating where I need to stop thinking and start doing, and trying my best to stick to it.

A new one for this year:  wait.  I’m trying to be patient, with myself, with other people, with my mind.  I’m trying to take a moment to let things go the way they will, and not force my considerable will upon them quite so much.  I’m aware of the delightful dissonance between “hesitation kills” and “wait,” but I’m trying to pause at the beginning to figure out if it actually IS the right time to leap.

What are yours?  Which ones aren’t working for you anymore?  What are some new mantras that you want to try out?