We’re almost at the back-to-school part of the year!  It doesn’t seem possible – this year has flown by for me, personally.  But, I couldn’t deny it any longer when I saw that my local office supply store had an enormous stock of academic year calendars.

For a lot of us, calendars are an incredibly hot button. It’s not pleasant to feel like we’re micromanaging our brains.  It’s difficult to form solid habits around checking the calendar before making commitments, and making sure we write everything in the calendar so that the checking isn’t wasted effort.  It’s a terrible feeling to realize we’ve double booked ourselves, and to realize that we have to clean up that mess.

On the other hand, though!  Having pretty much successfully maintained a calendar for four years now, let me tell you some of the feelings I’ve had about successful calendar maintenance:

-certainty that I’m not scheduling something over an event I’ve forgotten about
-certainty that I know what I’ve committed to
-less stress than checking my memory (which is not my strongest trait) for future commitments
-useful to look back at to see where I’ve been spending my time
-relief that I don’t have to apologize about broken plans (as much!  I’m not perfect!)
-much easier to plan unscheduled work, since I know for sure when I’ll have to stop and do something else
-easier to get back into it when I slip for a week or two, since I have an established pattern of getting it written down

Are you convinced yet?  If not, what keeps you from writing things down?  Or, perhaps more interestingly, what do you think would happen if you started?