Are you ready to start DOING?

Michel helps clients move beyond missed deadlines and chaos by gently shifting their attention to the struggles underneath their symptoms.  Using a gentle, compassionate approach, she teaches her clients the skills they need to make lasting change.

MIchel combines insight-oriented and mindfulness-oriented psychotherapies with practical tools and coaching to help clients move beyond stuckness.  One of Michel’s primary strengths is her focus on Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, which she views as a way to work with the different parts of people, making sure that they are all heard, respected, and in balance.

Or maybe just being is harder?

Many people with ADHD have tried an enormous number of things to relieve their symptoms.  Coaching, prescriptions, online task managers, support groups – they all play an important part in good functioning!  But, lasting change is much, much deeper than where you choose to keep your to-do list.

Deeper change occurs when people are able to have compassion for the ways in which things are hard for them, and take well-supported steps toward doing things differently.  Michel teaches essential skills that may have gone unlearned in the struggle to keep up, so that clients can learn healthier strategies for productivity.

Many people who work with Michel discover that after a short while, they discover that what they do is less of a problem than the ways it’s difficult to just BE.  They are able to shift their focus from trying to control the circumstances of their output, and are able to find ways to be compassionate with themselves, more easily manage their difficult emotions, and care for themselves in ways that keep their reserves more full.  They learn to let go of motivation through shame and fear, and relate to themselves with curiosity, kindness, and compassion.

General psychotherapy practice

In her general psychotherapy practice, Michel treats depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, grief, and relationship issues.

Transportation accessibility

MIchel’s office is in the heart of Somerville, Massachusetts, easily accessible by public transportation, with plenty of on-street parking.  She is able to meet by phone or videoconference with clients who do not live locally, and is always willing to work with people’s specific accessibility needs.