Client Testimonials

Sherri Dettmer Cannon


Michel is an intuitive, gifted and compassionate Coach who understands how daunting life can be at times; who knows with certainty that you are resourceful, creative and destined to create and live your best life. As your coach, he will help see your own gifts clearly and set meaningful goals. 

I wholeheartedly recommend my friend and fellow Coach, Michel Fitos.

Carolyn Salvi

Independent writing tutor

Michel and I have had the pleasure of working together with a number of clients who needed both organizational coaching and scholastic support. Working with Michel has always been a joy and a privilege, and a process from which I have learned a great deal. Michel is a relentless and demanding cheerleader and a superb teacher.

C. L.

Sitting here at my desk, in front of my detailed to-do list, with my Pomodoro timer on hold in the middle of a 40-hour work week, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the work you do—both in general, in providing support and affirmation to people who struggle with focus and executive function, and specifically for the support you have showed to me. Acknowledging that focus and sensory-related struggles are not fictional or insubstantial complaints, but rather are real issues that can be addressed through a wide variety of practical strategies, was a crucial jumping-off place for me in finding success in work and groundedness in the details of life. For me, this has been an important facet of re-establishing that elusive sense of self.

B. D.

About a month and a half ago my brilliant friend Michel Fitos suggested I become a coaching client. Having just finished another session, I have to say it's one of the best things I've ever committed to. It's become the highlight of every week to be presented with difficult questions, be offered new perspectives/framing, and celebrate my accomplishments. I can't quite tell if the recent collision of personal and professional growth has come out of the coaching or just been a happy coincidence, but I do know that I'm handling it all with a lot more grace and confidence than I would otherwise. Heartily recommend this experience to everyone.

Judi McLaughlin


We met Michel in September 2012, when we first learned of our daughter's ADD diagnosis, and her challenges with organization and writing. Michel's enthusiasm in working with Ruth was clear from the start; he immediately engaged Ruth, which was no easy task; Ruth is a tough nut to crack. Michel quickly identified the heart of Ruth's challenge, namely her isolated interests in adventure/fantasy, information, and mathematics. 

What took place from there is nothing short of magical. Michel knew exactly how to take Ruth's current interests and translate them into ways that helped her face her writing challenges. They began reading books like "Chronicles of Narnia", which re-ignited her love of reading. 

From there Michel taught Ruth how to identify details and and express them in an organized way by introducing Ruth to the concepts of "meta-cognition" and other organizational tenets. He immediately understood Ruth's tendencies as a visual learner, and taught her ways of visually organizing her thoughts before writing, which was an immense help; by the end of the school year, Ruth's writing skills improved significantly; she went from C's to A's, and now, in the fifth grade, her writing has been cited as an example for others to follow. 

Michel leveraged Ruth's love of information by teaching her how to perform effective internet searches, to help her understand concepts that were new to her, and which subsequently led to Ruth's becoming more engaged in learning about areas of mathematics that really interested her. Michel's rich knowledge base from homeschooling added another dimension to this area of learning, because Michel knew of activities where we could actively apply Ruth's love of math: Einstein's Workshop, MIT's programs for children, and countless others.

Michel was also a huge help to me as a parent. He provided me tons of his own books and continually communicated via email between sessions to see how we were all doing week-to-week. His compassion is extraordinary; he truly understands how ADD can affect an entire household, and gave me countless tips on how to go about self-care as well as family care. 

In short, Michel has been a gift to our family. I would recommend him to help any student at any level, because he simply knows how to tackle any academic challenge and attain positive results. He is clearly in his element, and we intend to work with him again as we face challenges down the road.